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AVFusion is a control system design and programming company that specializes in the integration of Crestron hardware within both residential and commercial automation environments.  With 20+ years of industry experience, I can help conceptualize, design, and deploy your custom automation system.

  We provide the best solution for combining integrated systems thru cutting-edge technology and programming to provide the ultimate in automation control systems to our clients. I can create a seamless integration of audio-video, lighting, security and climate control systems into an easy to use state-of-the-art environment.


I specialize in repairing vintage tube amps by Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Vox, Hiwatt, and others. I can make your gear sound its best.
I handle all aspects of guitar amps and bass amps from the electronics (e.g., power supply overhauls and re-capping) to the tubes (e.g., re-tubing, biasing).
I am a musician and vintage gear enthusiast. I don't just use test equipment to repair your gear - I use my ears too, ensuring that your gear passes a thorough "play and listen" test before the repair is complete.
Tube replacement
Choosing the right tubes for your amp can help you achieve the tone you want. Choose from various tube brands including Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Svetlana, Ruby, and JJ .

Removal of mods (modifications)
Mods often do little to improve an amp's performance, while usually compromising its reliability and resale value. There is a dazzling array of effects pedals available today making many mods of the past unnecessary. Also, poorly-executed mods turn amps into serious electrocution hazards!

Removing mods to restore your amp to its original state will help your amp maintain its value. Amps, just like guitars, are much more collectable when they're in stock condition.

Fender Blues Junior Mods (an exception to modifications)These mods have become known as the "Billm" mods from his name on the Fender Discussion Pages. Fender's Blues Junior is a great little amp--it's small, light, priced right, and all tube. It has spring reverb, flexible tone controls, and it's loud for its size.  It has a couple of shortcomings, however, that can be overcome without too much difficulty.